Complementary Therapies For Chronic Conditions

Explore a holistic approach to managing chronic conditions like anxiety, ADHD, functional abdominal pain, obesity, and insomnia with my mind-body services. My offerings include a detailed review of your medical history, enhanced body awareness, and the integration of breathwork, meditation, customized yoga practices, and energy healing sessions. By combining these methods with traditional treatments, I strive to tackle the underlying causes of your conditions, boost overall well-being, and amplify your body’s inherent healing capabilities.


  • Anxiety

  • ADHD

  • Obesity

  • Functional Abdominal Pain

  • Sleep Disturbances

and More


  • Thorough Background Discussions

  • ​​​​​​​Body Awareness

  • Breathwork/Meditation

  • Kid’s Yoga

  • Energy Healing

Mind-Body Package:

6 sessions: 1st session (90 min): detailed analysis of medical history and family daily routines followed by 5 weekly sessions (60 min) each focusing on customized areas (sleep, nutrition, physical activity, socialization) and healing modalities